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•  Make sure you understand the beginning of the scéal/eachtra that is given.

•  As you have a choice of two here pick the one which that most appeals to you most and make sure you have the necessary vocabulary.

•  If you ask questions such as Cé?, Conas?, Cathain?, Cá? etc. you will come up with ideas.

•  It is always a good idea to use an Obair Gharbh page to work through your ideas before you begin to write the scéal/eachtra itself.

•  Make sure you know the Aimsir Chaite (Past tense Tense ) as this event has happened in the past.

•  Try to vary the length of your sentences throughout your scéal /eachtra and don't start every sentence with a verb .

•  Use as many nathanna cainte as you can. A certain saibhreas teanga is expected at higher level .

•  Have a strong ending. Often a casadh obann (twist) at the end adds interest.

•  If appropriate, use a seanfhocal or two, particularly at the end of your scéal / eachtra .

Finally, check over what you have written, paying particular attention to verbs and grammar.